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1. My Favourite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark


true crime

This podcast is just fantastic, not only does it have amazing in-depth psychoanalysis of killers, amazing hilarious humour it also has given us the ability to analyse why true crime addicts (murderino’s) are so fervently interested in this taboo and macabre topic. Comedians Karen and Georgia quickly have you in stitches as well as wishing they were your BFF’s. The private Facebook place is also a super fun community of like-minded true crime addicts.


My Favourite Murders website

My Favourite Murder Twitter



2.  The Australian Podcasts


bowraville murdersThe Australian’s crime reporter Dan Box  covers The Bowraville murders over 5 episodes. The Bowraville murders are three children, all living on the same street who were all killed within five months of each other. This serial killing barely made the press and remains unsolved.


The Australian Website

3. Sword and Scale

true crime podcastIf you love True Crime you will love Sword and Scale. This is a top quality podcast with incredibly well researched cases that have you hooked on the first episode. It’s not uncommon to binge all 50+ episodes in a week for new listeners.




Sword and Scale Podcast

Sword and Scale Website



4. True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers in True Crime History and the Authors That Have Written About Them 


dan zupanskyWhile the sound  quality of this podcast can be a bit crappy at times (most interviews are conducted by phone) the content in this podcast is top class. Every week Dan Zupansky interviews an author who has written a true crime book and are essentially experts on particulars cases and killers.



True Murders Podcast

True Murders Website




5. True Crime Garage


true crime podcastThis podcast starts off a bit wonky but quickly forms into a really strong podcast with intelligent analysis of crimes with a bit of humour thrown in. The hosts Nic and The Captian play off each other with Nic playing the fun guy and The Captain being the  king of facts.



True Crime Garage Website

True Crime Garage Facebook 

True Crime Garage Twitter



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