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“If you want to ask one question, ask yourself, what are you giving to the universe and only that will be returned.”
― Amit Ray

We are constantly being harassed to give. Every time we open an email or walk down a shopping mall someone  wants our money. We have to be choosey about who we give it to.

Giving to charity makes me feel good (it helps that it is tax deductible), but supporting creative projects with a social conscious also makes me feel  really good and when I find ones that are game changers for their intended audience I feel fantastic.

This month I choose to support:


amy who digital

IndigenousX is the biggest rotating curator account in Australia on Twitter. Their focus is to amplify the voices of Indigenous people from all over Australia, highlighting the social and political issues that aren’t featured in mainstream media. Founder Luke Pearson wants to establish IndigenousX as a strong independent Indigenous owned and run multi media platform, if you have ever followed Luke or the IndigenousX Twitter account you could only agree this is a magnificent idea. IndigenousX Start Some Good

Anna Spargo-Ryan – Visibility for Mental Illness

If you have a mental illness, have known someone with a mental illness or even just have a heart, reading any of Anna’s work on mental health will hit you right in the feels. Her magnificent wordsmithery coupled with her unbridled honesty has been known to see me shed a tear whilst nodding furiously in agreement.

I feel like Anna can offer Australia and perhaps even the world an inside view into mental illness that is accessible for both people who are directly affected as well as the wider community. Visibility for Mental Illness.

You can read some of Anna’s work here at Anna Spargo-Ryan.


Tigress Magazine – UPDATE 4/8 SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED!!!!

I have been following this project from Day One and I am so excited it’s so close to meeting it’s goal. Tigress Magazine is a feminist teen magazine that is just simply gorgeous and while its focus is on teens I think all women and parents of teen girls will get joy from reading it.

amy who digital


Tigress have some amazing giveaways to go with their pledges so go forth and pledge and get your hands on a delicious copy of the very first Tigress Mag, that I hope will be the first of many. Tigress Magazine

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