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So Apple TV isn’t anything new, the first version was released way back in 2006.  So even though it’s been around for ages, the reviews on it are still really mixed. In fact most of the reviews I have read have been pretty negative with complaints about it’s lack of functionality and that its cheaper and easier to just hook your Mac up to your TV with a HDMI cable.

Even though the outlay is  relatively small cost (under $90)  I wasn’t sure if it would be more hassle than it was worth (this comes from a girl who took a year to work out how to use her Apple Time Capsule properly).

In a moment of weakness, I purchased Apple TV as an EOFY year gift to myself and I must say I am stoked. It’s really simple to set up and use (once you enter in your Apple ID and password a bunch of times that is).  

Things I like about it:

*YouTube: I don’t have a smart TV nor do I have  space  to connect my MacBook to the TV with a HDMI cable and  I hate being rooted to one spot so wireless connection is great for me.

My kids also have an affinity for Stampylongnose Minecraft videos so no longer do they dominate my computer to be able to watch it.

*One of my TVs isn’t near an aerial point, so for the most part, the TV was only being used for DVDs and the Xbox. Also, my kids love making YouTube videos. (We don’t upload them to the internet but we save them to private and they are really fun to watch on the big screen.) So we use it way more now.*Netflix: I love my Netflix subscription and I cannot even tell you how excited I am to now have it on the big screen.

*Music: My TV is louder than my MacBook so now I can blast out my music from the TV rather than my computer.

*iTunes purchases: I have a lot of Spongebob Squarepants videos that previously we only watched  on iPods or iPad its great to be able to watch them on the TV too.

*Photos: I have tossed around the idea of buying a digital photo frame for many years but I knew once I filled-up the memory card I would never change the photos around, so just didn’t bother. I have set the Apple TV screensaver to the photos saved to a special folder my  iCloud. This is awesome because whenever I take a great iPhone shot I can move it to the cloud and have it displayed on the TV.

* I am a bit of a minimalist, so the idea of having something else to dust really didn’t turn me on. 

*It’s tiny so doesn’t take up any room, as seeing that it has to compete for space with the DVD player and the Xbox console, this is a huge plus.

Things I don’t like:

*The remote is tiny and entering in emails and passwords can be time consuming but you get used to it pretty quickly.

*It doesn’t tell you on the outside of the box that you need a HDMI cable for it to work so if you are thinking of purchasing make sure you set aside $50 (or thereabouts) for a HDMI cable too.

*I know that my iTunes purchases are going to grow exponentially. It’s much more enticing now that I can watch everything on the big screen. Well played Apple.

So on the whole, I give the Apple TV a double Amy Who thumbs-up. Great piece of hardware, really easy to use and set-up, really well priced.  I just wish I had bought it earlier.

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