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Untitled-design1There was a time when Adelaide barely registered on the radar. Sydney and Melbourne dominated our spotlight and we were seen as the uncool second cousin twice removed that the other states poked fun at. But we are growing up and fast and haven’t the years been kind.

The Adelaide Fringe has to get loads of credit for this in my humble opinion, it cemented a culture of arts and entertainment that was accessible to all. And haven’t we the people embraced it. World class street art can now be seen all over the city, and is fast spreading to the suburbs creating pockets of cool all over the state.

Adelaide has so much to offer with new bars, restaurants, markets, live music and events popping up all the time with some of the grooviest ideas for food, drinks, decor and entertainment. Weekends in the city have never been so vibrant and diverse.

Not only has our culture evolved but our city landscape is almost unrecognisable with the architectural genius that is the SAHMRI building (the cheese grater) and the Adelaide Oval. Not to mention the awesome new footbridge giving Adelaide a much needed makeover. I honestly choke up a bit when I see our city all lit-up at night.

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Soon we will have a brand new hospital which will be a massive improvement. The current Royal Adelaide Hospital as we know it is falling apart at the seams. The amazing doctors and nurses that service it will soon have access to a better working environment (once all the kinks have been ironed out) which can only benefit all of us.

So if anyone ever whinges about Adelaide being boring, pooh pooh to them I say. Pooh pooh, on you. Adelaide is awesome and if you’re not having a good time you are walking around with your eyes shut.

I love supporting and promoting all things awesome and Adelaide, I want to shout from the rooftops all the awesome things that are happening all the time. I want every single Adelaidian to know how lucky we are.




Some of my fave Adelaide things:

1. Feast on Foot  – a walking tour of Adelaide’s best food. IKR uber cool.

2. Hallett Cove Conservation Walk – such a beautiful view.

3. Fork on The Road – food trucks, food trucks everywhere.

4. Piccadilly Cinema – I don’t know, it just makes me all nostalgic.

5. Adelaide Oval – I don’t even like sportsball that much, but the oval has a way cool vibe.





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